Portugal is a beautiful country with lots of touristic attractions, delicious culinary options and a large array of leisure offers. However, Portugal is also one of the most visited countries thanks to the beauty of its beaches and landscapes. The Algarve is a southern region of Portugal famous for its beaches and a lively scene. So, if you want to spend fantastic summer holidays in this beautiful country, how about visiting the best beaches in the Algarve? Enjoy the summer with the family and discover Portugal!

Playa Murração

The first stop when visiting the best beaches in the Algarve should be in Praia do Murração, in “Vila do Bispo”. This beach doesn’t have an easy access however it’s worthy to discover it. It’s quite and hidden, perfect for couples who want to simply relax hearing the whoosh of the waves and admiring the beautiful landscape.

Playa Barriga

For surf enthusiasts, Vila do Bispo offers a very interesting option. Playa Barriga is a beautiful beach perfect for animal lovers and those who want to catch good waves. Easily accessible with beautiful landscapes perfect for either practising sports or simply unwinds and soaks up the sun.

Playa de Ponta Ruiva

Located in Sagres, you will find the beautiful “Praia da Ponta Ruiva”; the beach is surrounded by red rocks. It’s not easy to get there by car from the city, as there are points with high slopes. But the effort is worth it!  Thanks to its romantic atmosphere make it perfect for couples. If you want to enjoy a romantic getaway, Sagres is perfect for you and your couple. Check out and book hotel deals for a lovely trip and surprise your significant other.

Praia do Telheiro

“Praia do Telheiro” is another beautiful beach in the town of Sagres. Praia do Telheiro is surrounded by multicoloured rocks and it’s the ideal spot for those who simply want to unroll the towel, put some cream on and soak up the sun. This beach is appreciated for its unique beauty and a large array of geological formations, furthermore, is home to falcons and birds of prey.

Praia do Barranco

Another beautiful location of Sagres, “Praia do Barranco”. This beautiful beach, located in the Atlantic Ocean, is famous for its shallow and calm waters. It’s protected by high cliffs and thanks to it you will fill like if you are in a swimming pool. Perfect spot for paddle surfing and for simply sit down and admire the horizon.

Praia da Ponta de João de Arens

Praia da Ponta de João de Arens is a small corner of paradise between Alvor and Portimão. It is not easy to access, but a visit to this beautiful beach really worth the effort. Are you one of those who loves being nude? Well, for those this beach is perfect. At this beach, the swimming suit is optional and if belief on the health benefits of being naked, you can spend your day running free in the beach of Joao d’arens.

Praia do Pau

Located in the town of Lagoa, Praia do Pau is a VIP area of ​​Praia da Marinha, the most famous beach in the Algarve, considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe by the Michelin guide. This secret beach is perfect for enjoying the silence while soaking up the sun.


Located in Lagoa, Praia do Barranquinho is one of the beaches of the Algarve with turquoise waters, an odd and beautiful exception in Portugal. If you want to reach this beautiful beach you have to cross a small pine forest with stunning views of the giant cliff, certainly a must for those who love idyllic landscapes.

Praia da Fábrica

Last but not least, Praia da Fábrica is the perfect beach for finish our list with the best beaches in the Algarve. This beautiful beach enjoys a lovely location in the village of Vila Nova de Cacela. To reach the beach you must take a boat and reach the other side of the coast. When low tide you can reach it by foot.

Here our list of the best beaches in the Algarve… Which one do you like the most ?


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