If you plan to go on a cruise, we present here the “Top 5 cruise destinations around the world”. These are the most enjoyed cruise places you really want to go at least once in your life. So here is the list.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is quite simply the most popular cruise destination in the world. It is served by cruise ships all year long. This trip will let you visit many countries at the same time. If you buy a ticket to explore the eastern part of the Caribbean, you will discover the magnificence of the Barbados, Martinique, Antigua, Dominica and, of course, St. Kitts. The Cayman Islands are on the western side, so that Aruba and Trinidad & Tobago are on the Southern side. Don’t miss Mexico and Jamaica if you pass by the west side of the Caribbean.

Cannes, France

A holiday to France represents the best way to enjoy Cannes. If you go there in May, during the famous film festival, you will surely see from afar some well-known faces or even rub elbows with some celebrities. This city is full of designer boutiques, glamorous yachts and impressive stars mansions to admire. And of course, to blend into the scenery, you must take a luxury car, as an example; you can rent a Mercedes V Class in Cannes (because you surely left yours at home) for a unique sightseeing experience.

New Zealand and Australia

If you’re really keen on exotic islands, try sailing to Australia and New Zealand. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of some of the common cruise stopover there. The cruise ship will eventually stop at Noumea in New Caledonia, at Port Denarau in Fiji and at Port Vila in Vanuatu to name a few. Apart from that, don’t miss Sydney’s iconic landmarks such as the widely known Sydney Tower. Adults and kids will really have fun entertained by the wide range of activities offered by the miles of beaches, the surf spotsand the Great Barrier Reef.


The Baltic cruise is a once in a lifetime trip that everybody must do. Usually, the cruise will give you three days to explore St. Petersburg, in Russia. It’s one of those places history remains tangible despite modernity. The last vestiges of the Tsarist Empire are worth seeing. Here, you can roam shopping malls alongside breathtaking palaces. Around Nevsky prospekt, you will see most of St Petersburg iconic landmarks including the Alexander Nevsky Monastery and the imposing Winter Palace, designed in baroque architectural style.


This cruise destination doesn’t suit everyone, because it is too cold. Nevertheless, Alaska is definitely one of the best places to go on a cruise. Don’t even think about the fact that Alaska is the greatest state in the United States because you will not be able to see everything it has to offer. Instead, think about what the cruise will let you see such as some spectacular fjords, white huge mountains and enormous glaciers. As you travel along the coastlines, you’ll see more breathtaking landscapes made of inlets, bays and islands.


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