The glorious past of Rajasthan is very clear, thanks to the numerous heritage monuments in the city. It is true that it is indeed the land fit for kings. The enriching and diverse history of the land is the iconic reason to why you can find numerous heritage sites in this region.

If you are looking for heritage vacation, here are the top monuments that you should visit in Rajasthan.

1.   Amer Fort

This is the face of Jaipur. The fort is located in Amber, a little away from Jaipur. The fort contains numerous architectural and historic marvels like Jai Mandir, Sheesh Mahal, Hall of Private Audience, Hall of Public Audience, lush garden and much more. You can also enjoy jeep or elephant safari inside the fort. The fort is famous for its architectural beauty. The best activity to enjoy here are sightseeing, photography, exploration and much more. There is a museum inside the fort, which has a collection of materials and artifacts excavated from Sambhar, Rajgarh and others. Therefore, it’s one of the best monuments you ought to visit in Rajasthan.

2.   City Palace

This is another important monument and it was built by Sawai Jai Singh. This monument is a mixture of both Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. You can find numerous temples, halls, sculptures, gardens and much more.

3.   Jaigarh Fort

This is a little away from Amer Fort or Amber Fort. This fort is also called as the victory fort. The fort lies on the top of the hill and from the top; you can spot the range of Aravalli Mountains and the city around you. This fort has the Jaivana Cannon, the largest in the state. There are gardens, museum, palaces, temples and other architectural marvels in this structure. To top it all, there are rumors that the kings of the past have buried their treasures inside the fort before the battle and most of them are lost and forgotten.

4.   Chittorgarh Fort

This fort is the largest and the grandest one in the whole state. This fort is famous for its architectural beauty, water sources that run through it, sieges and much more. You can find numerous structures in the fort that are worth a million clicks.

5.   Junagarh Fort

This 16th century monument of Bikaner is famous for its deep ditches and high walls. You can find numerous beautiful halls in this complex like Phool Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Karan Mahal and others. There is also a museum inside the fort that showcases the beauty of the palace. In this museum, you can spot collection of ancient weapons, biplane of First World War, vintage pictures and much more.

6.   Jaisalmer Fort

This fort is called as the golden fort as the fort is built with golden sandstone that shines in the heat of sunrays. The fort’s location and sandstones make it hard for the approaching enemies to locate the fort from a distance. At the same time, you can spot the approaching enemies from the top of fort, as the fort is located on top of a small hill. This fort has been the spot for numerous battles in the past. Half of the city lives inside these fortified walls and you can find many halls, havelis, ancient buildings, temples and much more in Jaisalmer Tour.

7.   Mehrangarh Fort

This is one of the world’s largest forts and it lies 400 ft. above the ground. There are marks of cannon balls on the wall, marking the spot where the fortification was tried to be destroyed by the enemies. The four gates of this fort are iconic attractions of the region. You can find numerous monuments, temples, structures and much more inside the fort.

8.   Umaid Bhawan Palace

This palace is famous as the largest residential area. This palace is open for tourists to enjoy a luxurious accommodation. This palace is located on the top of Chittar hill. Apart from the palace guests, tourists are also allowed to explore the palace.

This list does not even cover a part of the monuments with heritage value in Rajasthan. Other heritage monuments to visit in Rajasthan are Ranthambore Fort, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort and much more.


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